Pacific Craft Builders came to be through the vision and experience of two builders. Adam Abildgaard and Brian Bigelow. 

Adam Abildgaard has been a carpenter for the last 30 years and a successful General Contractor for 20 years. He began as a carpenters apprentice in 1983 and worked through every aspect of rough and finish carpentry for ten years before obtaining his B-1 General Contractors License. Working on projects all over Northern California building tract houses to custom homes, residential remodeling, apartments, multi-family projects, barns, commercial buildings, speculation homes and restaurants. Adams extensive experience of hands on day to day working in the field with architects, owners, city officials, sub contractors and employees qualifies him to successfully bring your project to a reality. Adam is in charge of bidding, scheduling, marketing and maintaining the office.

Brian Bigelow became a carpenters apprentice in 1986 in Lompoc, CA. Starting his career in the tracts of So Cal then working for a residential remodeling company. Brian eventually found his way working in Owensburg Kentucky, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Santa Ynes Valley building estate homes up to 12000 sq ft in size. The experience of crafting homes of this complexity is something few builders get a chance to do. He finally settled in Davis CA. After working with Adam on a few projects in Davis, the two decided to combine their abilities and form Pacific Craft Builders. Brian is on the job sites everyday building, meeting subs and coordinating with clients and assuring quality.


We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project.

Who we are: